Party Wall

The Party Wall Act 1996 provides owners of buildings with certain rights to carry out work to party walls and other structures. A framework for exercising these rights is based on the resolution of disputes by appointing surveyors. Waldrams has been advising developers and homeowners undertaking work on how to use this legislation effectively, thereby enabling them to maximise their statutory powers and, where necessary, negotiate access to neighbouring land and buildings to facilitate construction and development work.

Understanding relevant laws and mitigating adverse effects
Waldrams’ understanding of case law and its first-class knowledge of construction enables it to ensure neighbours affected by work have the most comprehensive safeguards, while complicated details are distilled and explained at a practical level.

Our party wall and access licence services include those for developers and owners proposing construction or development schemes. Specifically, we
strategically advise on rights and obligations under the Act

  • review designs to de-risk and/or remove activities from the critical path
  • use sophisticated software for progress reporting and visual understanding of otherwise large, complicated sites
  • act as party wall surveyor
  • record schedules of condition and negotiate construction access for cranes, scaffolding or hoardings
  • undertake tunnel surveys and boundary surveys and liaise with neighbours
  • deal with issues of damage and compensation
  • provide commercial drone video and photographic recording of otherwise potentially hidden boundary details.

Services related to owners adjacent to and affected by building work or development include

  • advising on the validity of notices served and a client’s rights and obligations under the Act
  • reviewing details of the proposed scheme to ensure it is suitable and will not cause unnecessary inconvenience
  • advising when certain aspects may be beneficial to the adjoining owner
  • checking and agreeing on schedules of conditions and negotiating party wall awards
  • dealing with issues of damage and compensation.

Other capabilities include

Daylight and Sunlight

Rights of Light (RoL)


Environmental impact assessments

Solar glare

Light pollution

Maximise development potential

Radiance studies

Expert witness services

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