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Daylight and sunlight

Daylight and sunlight are essential planning considerations

The Building Research Establishment Report BR209 advises on planning developments for good access to daylight and sunlight. It is widely used by local authorities during the planning permission process to help determine the impacts of new developments. Waldrams’ specialist knowledge of local authorities’ expectations regarding such strategies enables it to minimise planning risks. We have regularly acted as an expert witness in planning appeals and have a good track record of securing consent at appeals on daylight and sunlight issues.

Owing to our experience of working in and for London boroughs, we understand the approaches taken by planning officers in determining acceptable levels of daylight and sunlight. This understanding is demonstrated in the calculation of maximum building envelopes, which can help to aid architects and scheme designers to be aware of constraints to site development from a daylight and sunlight perspective. These calculations respond to the site conditions where differing levels of retained daylight are likely to be considered acceptable in urban centres, for example. Quick and responsive testing is provided through the design phase to help the design team ensure that appropriate levels are maintained for the surrounding properties while maximising a site’s development potential. We offer bespoke solutions using cutting-edge approaches.

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